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Help: GA-965P-DS3 rev. 1.0 BIOS Recovery


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Hi. Anyone who's had experience recovering from a bad flash with this particular board?


I flashed the Gigabye GA-965P-DS3 rev. 1.0 using the Q-Flash Utility and flashed it using USB flash drive where I copied the new BIOS update from (F13o). Now it won't boot. When it is turned on, the power is on, the CPU fan turn on and the CD rom LED flashes but the floppy doesn't light nor the USB flash drive. I didn't save the old BIOS by the way.


I heard there's a way to recover from a bad flash by pressing a key. I've also read about Virtual Dual BIOS that this mobo has. Would anyone how to recover the BIOS for this particular motherboard? How do you access the Virtual Dual BIOS (I assume this is this board's backup BIOS). Any link would be great (especially the BIOS recovery procedure from Gigabyte itself which I have not found). Coz' the DVD writer is the only one that lights up when the power is turned on, is it possible to recover the BIOS using some kind of CD or DVD (links for that would be most welcome). Thanks in advance.

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