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Kernel Error When trying to install.


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Yeah. Just downloaded Zephyrothe's 10.5.1 AMD. and I get a kernel panic error when trying to get to the installer. So if someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.



[EDIT] Ok. I just had a dandy little thought. It might be cuz Im using both cores on my X2 processor. I disabled the 2nd one in VMWare. And Now all i get is the stupid color wheel spinning. Anyone know what could be wrong.All I see is the leopard background and spinning color wheel.


[EDIT] OK. NOW I have this problem and it wont even get to the stupid color wheel one.

Jan 27 11:23:57 localhost mDNSResponder mDNSResponder-161.1 (Oct 11 2007 00:22:24)[48] starting


Jan 27 11:23:57 localhost mDNSResponder[48]: WARNING: sandbox_init error Cannot apply named profile 'mDNSResponder': No such file or directory


Yeah. Um Help. please.


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