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compatible sound & lan?


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My system specifics:

Asrock 939Dual Sata2, Uli Chipset onboard lan & sound

AMD Athlon 64 3400+


Geforce 7300GS

120GB IDE HD (vista ultimate installed)

60GB IDE HD (blank, OSx86 will be installed on this one)

Lite On DVD-RW



I tried leopard with this configuration, but it keeps getting locked up on the install, so here we go.


I plan to use the Tubgirl 10.4.8 release, and according to this post:



everything should work fine, with the exception of the onboard lan & sound. Is there any way to fix this?

If there is no way to fix this, Im not opposed to spending the $20 or so on a PCI soundcard and PCI LAN. any specific hardware you guys recommend that will work perfectly?


any hints to ensure the install goes smoothly?

sorry for all the questions, im new to all this

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did some investigating while waiting for a reply here.


the wiki states that the waiting for root device could be due to osx not seeing my optical drive.

im a little lost here.

i unplugged my vista HD completely, made the blank HD master. Unplugged the cd-rw, and have the dvd-rw as master. So only 1 hd, 1 optical drive.

should the HD and optical drive be on the same IDE cable?

if i do this just for the install, can i change it back later (HDs on 1 IDE cable, Optical drives on the other IDE cable)

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