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Volume level, how to control it using a plist parameter

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Hi all, I finally got my Sigmatel 9220 chipset working on Leopard. However, volume level is not loud enough. I need to set it above 50% just to be able to hear something.


I recall reading a post somewhere a couple of months ago that described a parameter in one of the AppleHDA.kext Info.plist files, that you can use to control the raw volume output. I've searched for about an hour and got nothing, because basically I have no idea of what exactly I'm looking for, and a search for "applehda volume" gets you an insane amount of results, but it was something like one of these (I may be totally wrong):









I'd appreciate if somebody can give me a hint about this, thanks in advance!

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would you please explain how you got your 9220 working?


I have a intel D945PSN and can't get the audio to work at all, I've tired all AppleHDApatches with .txt's but no dice.


i'm on the iATKOS 1.0i install.


intel D 820 2.8 D chip.

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