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Remote control for Front Row anyone?


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I have been thinking, if we can have a remote to control front row, that would be lovely.


Remote: this is the easiest, we can just buy any cheapo remote, anything at all (possibly)

receiver: well, this is where it gets tricky. I know how to build one (a reciever), but i dont know how to interface it with the Mac. I heard it is quite hard to use USB, so i was thinking if i can use the parallel port, would be so much easier.


Anyone has any idea where i could go and read something about writing a service to interface with the IR receiver?




Oh god. I was thinking of using microcontroller and stuff to make the receiver circuit, but why reinventing the wheel,here u go.. http://lnx.manoweb.com/lirc/?partType=sect...me=introductionenjoy ;)

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