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Bluetooth issues on 10.5.1

Kay T

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Bluetooth acts wierd. Here's how it goes.

I have 2 computers:

1. PC with windows, that has BT-122 inserted into it.

2. Laptop with kalyway's 10.5.1 and integrated bluetooth.


The computer #1 has access to internet. And this connection is shared.

Computer#2 must connect to computer #1 to the service called "Network access" so he could acces the internet.


Pretty silmple, huh? I had such scheme working on 10.4.10 (whne I had tiger in this laptop). Now I have 10.5.1 and there seems to be bugs.


When I press "connect" button, it tries to connect (I see the spinning circle) and after 10-15 seconds this dialogbox appears.




Also, if I click in the upper dock on the bluetooth icon, I can see that the "connect to network" is greyed, and that gives me a question like "Why it's greyed??"




Here's the ouput of the log from the point of pressing the "connect button" and the appearing of dialogbox:

1/21/08 10:17:03 PM	pppd[159]	pppd 2.4.2 (Apple version 314) started by root, uid 501	
1/21/08 10:17:10 PM	ccl[164]	Apple Modems (V.34) script Version 3.0	
1/21/08 10:17:26 PM	ccl[164]	CCLExit: -6019 (Modem error, modem not responding.)	
1/21/08 10:17:26 PM	pppd[159]	Connect script failed


Does anybody has such problem or/and have an idea how to solve it using particulary this scheme?


P.S. Once I thught, that there's maybe problem with bluetooth device, but it works perfect when sending/receiving files via bluetooth. So, I have a thought that it's something wrong with the scripts that are used to communicate.

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