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How to do dual boot Vista and Leopard

Andrei Morar

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 notebook (Core 2 DuoT7300@ 2Ghz, 2 Gigs of RAM, Nvidia 8600M GT with 256MB, 2x120 SATA HDD) and I want to have a dual boot configuration with Vista and Mac Os X Leopard.


Can anyone tell me how to do this? Which is the recommended Mac Os X iso for my laptop in order to have dual boot with Vista?


I tried to install the Brazil DVD in 2 ways but none worked. Firstly I installed Vista and then installed Leopard on a separate FAt32 partition. The install worked fine, the patch worked fine but couldn't boot into Leopard. Was stuck at the Vista bootloader screen. I also tried to install the Brazil Mac first without having any other OS installed and was stuck at the same point. Could not boot into Leopard.Got a missing installation message.


Now I have reinstalled Vista and wait for a solution on how to install Leopard after Vista and to have a working dual boot configuration.


Thanks in advance!

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