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Paul Thurrott of Winsupersite's Office 2008 Review

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Paul Thurrott's review of Office: Mac 2008

He makes no of how unproductive and terrible the UI is. Office 2007 for Windows made such strides in Office productivity, shame they couldn't port some of that to the Macintosh. His finishes with:

Final thoughts

Mac users waiting for a Universal version of Office can rejoice, as Office 2008 for Mac brings the power of Microsoft's all-important office productivity suite into the 21st century. There's nothing here to sway users of the Windows version of Microsoft Office, however, and though the new galleries sometimes approach the usefulness of Office 2007's Ribbon, they're not as pervasive or obvious in Office 2008. Upgraders from Office 2004 won't notice many improvements either. Overall, Office 2008 is solid, if unexceptional. But the low price of the Home and Student Edition makes it an obvious choice. Recommended.


--Paul Thurrott

January 22, 2008

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