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kalyway 10.5.1 and OVERCLOCKED!


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well i'm a really bad guy with my pc.

i recently installed leo with Kalyways 10.5.1 DVD on an ASUS P5K-VM with an INTEL 2160 1.8GHz 1.0GB of ram and an gfx 8400. my full specs are on the compatibility thread.


the system ir running cool for more than two weeks. i did all updates (system, quicktime,itunes) i even got an image of the disk i re-partioned the hdd and resized the partitions because in the begginning i had just 20GB of HDD space for macos (i never thought that it would work so nice). now i have a 500GB separated in three. one for main (80GB) one for time machine (155) na done for data (244GB).


well today i decided to make a little over clock to the CPU to see how the system will behave. so i did and fsb change to 300*9 and i got the system to 3k...i changed nothing else except from the voltage which i got down to 1,55volts.


the system ROCKS it needs only 10 seconds to completely boot up!!!! :D and the speed into the system is amazing too.

the only thing that i cannot make it work right now is the boot without the cd. if there is no dvd in the tray it won't boot.


Here are two photos i got one from xbench and one from about screen.




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