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kext needed


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recently i have downloaded jas 10.4.8 amd intel sse2 sse3 copy

i can install successfully by disabling usb legacy in bios

but the main pboblem occurs when the installation is completed and system is rebooted

the os tells to restart comp,

when i pressed -v the details are shown for this are it doesnot recognise my motherboard pci & igpu ,usb too there are some other problem with motherboard too

my computer config is

amd athon x2 +4400

motherboard asus M2NPV-VM with builtin gegorce 6150 builtin ethernet Nvidia Nforce(128mb shown in windows but 32mb shown in mac installation)

ram transcand 1gb (990mb shown) 800mhz

keyboard & mouse ps2

so i need kext for my system config especially for motherboard

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