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Coming soon: more umbrellas animated of world

Ahmad Farah

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Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate


May peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you


Umbrellas are more mobile world


These parachutes are closing and the idea taken from umbrellas squares internal civil campus


That open during the day and closed at night,


The post-closure format similar to the appearance of basic beacons,


The conduct of rain from inside the lighthouse outside campus


It is by design


German engineer Dr Muslim. Mahmoud Bodo Rasch,



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Top 5 OSX Predictions for 2008


5. Paulicat will get a fix in place for AR5006/7 wireless cards.

4. Apple will release 10.5.2 and we'll all hose our rigs trying to get it to work.

3. We'll all still need our 10.4.6 disks for networking and audio.

2. The green demon will arise from the ashes. (OK, that's just wishful thinking!)


and the #1 OSX prediction for 2008 is:

"Will OSX run on my machine?" will again be the most asked forum question!

No offence, but what the hell is this about? that Poem thing is strange... did you create these umberella things? if you did, then there good.

and no, i am not flamebaiting.... :)


Think Mark

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