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Home server? Leopard Server on PC?

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Well, My whole family has made the plunge to get the mac and I'm the only one left so being me I want to do something with my old Windows Baised PC. I want to install Leopard Server on it, Why? I have no clue. I've got nothing else to do. Is there any possible way to do this?


My specs are

AMD Athlon 3800+ X2 64Bit

2GB Ram

nVidia 7800GT


If I can't then what are you recommendations for something that will let me do basically the same thing that Leopard server does?




Also, I dont really care if I have to use an application like ParePC or something that allows it to run. I dont need to to be booted... Just running.

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You don't want to run pearpc. Its emulation isn't that fast. I would recommend installing iATKOS or another release, then use the Leopard server installer packages.
Okay, I'll try that. How do you reaplace the Installer packages? I'm a Noob at this.
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Skip Leopard Server and just install FreeNAS. Here's a good walkthrough:




It's free, it supports a ton of server types (AFP, SMB, FTP, etc.), it's extremely stable, it's easy to set up, it will run on crummy hardware (200mhz cpu? no problem!). My uptime is over 3 months now! You can use it stream movies and music, back up your files (iTimeMachine works too!), store all your software, and so on.

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awhk .. c'mon buddy .. do you really think that it is 'complex' to install some packages? We're talking about apple here ... I'd never seen any software or functionality at apple that was complex ;-)
Can you recommend me a detailed guide? I dont mind doing it. I'm just still unsure on how to.
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Okay, Let me get this straight.


I install Leopard regularly, Nothing more than 10.5. Then When that's done I install the server packages.


Now, That's where I loose you. Do I then download and install Leopard server or is there something on the Leopard disk that has the packages?


I'm sorry for being a pain and a complete moron about this but I'm a long time Windows user so I'm completely lost.

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ROFL. I'm glad you saw the humor in it... and I was hoping to get just such a FAQ, so thank you, ~pcwiz. Cheers mates... I'm always good for a laugh. :P


Can someone outline EXACTLY what to do in order to turn the Leopard install into Leopard Server? I'm using an AMD Processor, since I know that matters.

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i got things up 99% of the way using kalyway and the retail server dvd. it was only when i tried to get adventurous and do the combo update when things got fuxored.


install kalyway 10.5.1 like normal

get image of the server install dvd

mount that image

install it as you would install any other program

it will go through and tell you that installation was successful


when you reboot it will run you through the server setup steps where you'll need your valid serial number

after that, you enter into the leo server environment which is reported as 10.5 (not 10.5.1)


i tried to use the same procedure as devin's 10.5.2 client update for the server combo update - however i could have mistyped something or the like, but about 28% of the way through the install i got a kernel panic. i rebooted with -v -x -f and sure enough it was the appleintelpowermanagement.kext that was the issue. no HPET.


now i'm back to square 1. updates to follow...

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