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OSX Install not seeing Hardrive partition?


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Evening all,


Currently trying to install Jas 10.4.8 dual boot with Vista on my PC. Originally it wouldn't find my DVD drive (Sata) but a quick bios change sorted this (hoorah)


Now i can load up the installation, but at the point where it asks me which partition i would like to install too, it doesn't see anything? HD is SATA too, but as it can see my DVD drive i don't think it has a problem with that..


I've set aside a 10GB partition in Vista using the in-built utility and set it to active using Diskpart. I know it's trying to boot to this partition as without the OSx Install disc it says "Missing Operating system"..


Any ideas?


Many thanks! ;)

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Assuming this works the same as it does in VMWare, you have to use the "Disk Utility" tool from the Utility menu (should be on the top menu bar at the installation screen). This is taken from the OSx86 VMware install Wiki


Open Utilities -> Disk Utility on your disk


Note Re 10.4.8: Disk Utility has been reported not to work (it makes an efi partition). Use a prior version to partition your disk, or partition it with another OS, then use 10.4.8 disk utility to erase (by reformatting) this partition. Otherwise it won't boot. Note: no need for using a previous version just apply PPF2 to fix the disk utility http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=38125


Select the VMware drive on the left. Click "partition" on the right.


Change the Volume Scheme to 1 partition and choose a name. The format should stay "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" and the partition should use all space available.


Click "partition", then "partition" again. After it is finished (progress in bottom right), you can close the Disk Utility.


Your drive now shows up in setup. Proceed, proceed.

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Ok, whooops.


Thought it was fishy when the OSX install saw a 133gb hardrive through the disk utility.. A) Because i have a 250GB hardrive, and ;) because i only partitioned 10GB for this install.. So i figured it would see either 250 (233) or 10.. Anyway, backed everything up and decided to do the above to the 133gb volume.


Installed fine, then took me to the logo screen where it would always ask me to restart my computer after loading.


Slapped the vista disk back in to use diskpart and switch partitions back, and it wasnt there. Doh!


Any ideas? I'm not much into the habit of reinstalling windows often, it aint much fun :(

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