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Hi, i have a dual boot working with leopard and vista using vista bootloader. I had it succesfuly boot between but when i installed the realtekrtl1000 (which should have no problem on my computer) and (idk if this causes any problems) i deleted the timeout time <key> and <string> from the com.apple.Boot.plist (it always put me into the darwin bootloader to choose partition.. which i wanted to avoid) Anyway i rebooted... and chose leopard on the vista bootloader.. it backs out into the bootloader. Now first off, let me get an opinion first. Do you think it was the removing of the Timeout in the bootlist or the adding of that kext? I realize i could solve this problem by reformatting.. but for the sake of saving time i would like to simply fix this in the terminal..which is where i come to another problem. I understand the terminal in leopard.. but how do i use the terminal to acces my disk files from the dvd install disk's terminal? Like if i want to log in, it is not as simply as sudo. If anyone could just give me the command to acces my disk from terminal in install dvd, that would be great.



edit: duh, i figured out i need to type "Volumes/Leopard/Library/....." but how do i gain permission?

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