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Assistance Requested Please!


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My system:

Gateway 830GM

Intel P4 @ 3.0GHz

SSE2 (I've checked)

2.5 GB RAM

nVidia 8500GT PCI-E 512MB Graphics

Running Vista Ultimate on a 200GB SATA drive; have two storage SATA drives of 300GB and 500GB.

I also have an ATA 300GB that I am installing the Mac OS to.


I am using the uphuck_10.4.9_v1.4i_r3.iso image to install the OS. I followed all of the instructions and the OS seems to install fine. However, when booting into the Mac OS, the gray screen with the Apple logo appears (along with the progress indicator circle at the bottom of the screen), but after a couple of seconds, the screen goes darken and I get a message in multiple languages telling me that I need to reboot my machine. I do that and the same thing happens.


If anyone has any clue as to why this would happen and can let me know of a direction to head to find an answer, I would really appreciate it.



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