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AMD 10.5.1 install failed


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I had tubgirls 10.4.10 running great on my machine without any problems, so the next step for me

to cause new problems to fix... was to install 10.5.1

Okay, to be honest I don´t look for trouble, but i got some while installing which i can´t fix.

I used the image described in the "new AMD 10.5.1" topic in this forum on a

AMD SSE3 3700+ Athlon64 on an nforce430 chipset with ide attached hdd and dvd.

Short time after installing i get "Install Failed" window stating that the installer could not validate the contents of the basesystem package.

It suggests to contact apple to help me out :P but i think i will prefer help from you :)


The disc iss okay and the install log shows the same message as in the window as an error mesage.


please help me!!

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