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Post your CPUMark scores here!


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I found another good benchmarking program (other than Geekbench) called CPUMark for Windows. Its free, but its Windows only but if you have Windows installed, this benchmark is definitely worth a go. Download CPUMark here. The program comes at a tiny executable file, just download it, run it, and hit the Start Benchmark button.


A few things: Close all open programs before you start, and while the benchmark is running, do not do ANYTHING. I just clicked outside the window while the benchmark was running and it caused the program to freeze. The benchmark takes quite a while to complete compared to others. It took over 5 minutes (maybe even more) on my Core 2 Quad system.


At the end of the benchmark it will give you a results screen. Post up your results here, or at least the contents of the results screen. Heres the score for my system, full specs in sig:




You can see that my total score is 7656.


What are your scores?




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