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battery life?


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i have succesfully installed a dual boot xp and leopard system on my vaio laptop! everything runs great!!! only issue's i've had so far is that my mic input doesn't work (i can deal with that) and i don't have a battery meter( would be nice to have that!)


my question is: does anyone have any idea where i could come up with such a tool? i downloaded istat pro for my dashboard but it fails to give me battery life!!!


any help would be greatly appreciated


p.s. thanks to everyone on this site that put a lot of hard work into making this work on a pc! i've spent the last 3 days trying to figure out how to get darwin bootloader to recognize my windows xp partition!


if anyone has any questions on how to do it, i'll make a new post with a description from start to finish!!!

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Need some more information


Computer make/model


What version of 10.5 (kalyway, ToH, iATKOS)


Patched or vanilla kernel?


Let us know, I can help getting the batter status to show if I knew what direction to point you in.

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actually i have another issue as well that i just noticed, my headphone jack and mic input don't work either!!!


i have a sony vaio vgn-n32se


intel dual core 1.73ghz 533fsb (t2080)

1gb dual channel ddr (i believe it is)

Intel 945 chipset

realtek hd audio


i'm running kalyway 10.5.1 couldn't get vanilla kernel to run

also have XP Black Ultimate 6.0.11 (sick version i might add!!!)


not sure what else you need, if needed i'll load everest and give you a list

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First, Audio (try ALC883Audio.mpkg first, if nothing then try AzaliaAudio.pkg)




Second, Battery Icon




1. Download the PowerManagement.tar.gz file below to your favorite location

2. Un-archive the files. This will leave you with a PowerManagement.bundle

3. Navigate to: /System/Library/SystemConfiguration

4. (Optional) Backup your old PowerManagement.bundle

5. Copy (drag-n-drop) the new bundle into the SystemConfiguration folder

6. When the dialog box pops up, select authenticate and type your admin password

7.) Repair disc permissions (disk utility)

8. Reboot





Cheers, hope this helps some..

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yes!!! battery icon works great!!! thank you for the help! any other suggestions regarding the line in and headphone jack would be greatly appreciated as well! it's not a necessity but would be a nice convienience to have

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Well great! Glad to hear that!


The only thing that I can think of is, if you have another operating system look at the make and model of the sound card, then do a search on these forums.


Not 100% sure, but some are able to get sound modifying the AppleHDA kext (something along those lines)


Just search and do some reading. Anyways, glad the battery icon works. Hope this helps others as well.

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not sure if this will help any but this is the link for the vista realtek hd audio driver for my laptop, i can't seem to find any hard specs for the audio card as everything just shows up as realtek hd audio





if i'm not mistaken i think it's the same as the alc97 driver, can't seem to find one though

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ok so i finally installed everest on my xp partition, in doing so i found out that i actually have an alc262 sound card. thanks to everyone in this forum http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32859 i have sound up and going and my headphone jack currently works. there is a beta txt on that forum for it!

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