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Advice for AGP cheap graphic card

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Hi to all, I'm upgrading my bad GeForce MX4000. I have a power supply with only 12A@12V, and I don't want to spend a lot of money.

I can buy a PNY Nvidia 6200 256MB DDR 64bit; Radeon 9600xt 128bit; Nvidia 5700 Ultra; Radeon 9800 Platinum or PRO; X1050. All for 30-40 € what do you say? Thanx

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I assume you want to use your new agp card with osx86,

so it might be wise to check the hardware compatibility list

first before spending 40 bucks on a card that has no quartz

exterme/ core image support.


Another tip is to hunt Ebay (or whatever auction site you

prefer) for a cheap card with a dead (or near dead)

cooling fan, completely useless because it crashes al

the time. So offer 5 bucks for it and pop a new

fan (electronics store) on it and your (most of the time)

good to go ;)

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