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Disc Utility not working?

Da Smoove

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First off I would like to say this is a very nice forum.


I am running on an Athlon 64 X2

I recently got my hands on the file "Leopard-AMD-10.5.1.iso".

The steps I took up to this current point:

1. Burn to DVD r.

2. Created 35gb FAT32 partition.

3. Booted up the disk.

4. Utilities - Disk Utility.

Now, it usually takes 10 minutes to load, once it does it shows my sata HDD and an irrelevant partition I have.

Once I select something the apple loading cursor appears. I have waited half hour, it just sits there spinning, I have tried rebooting numerous amounts of times but of to no avail.


The question is: Should I just get a different disc, or is there a way to fix this?


Thank you in advanced ~ Da Smoove.

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