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Doubt about 10.4.8 specs for AMD

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Hello, i'm a happy owner of a Macbook Pro with Leopard, but my sister saw the funcionality of the OS and she liked it, so, she asked me to install it on her PC. I downloaded the Mac OS X 10 4 8 JaS AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 with PPF1 amp PPF2 and i dont know if it works in the PC. These are the specs:


Motherboard: MSI K8MM3, Model MS-7181

Chipset VIA K8M400

Processor: Athlon 64 3000+, Venice, Socket 754. The cpuz said that it have SS2 and SS3

Ram: 1Gb DDR PC 3200

HDD: Sata 80 Gb Maxtor


Also, which are the best options to set in bios before installing it? Or, which OSX version do you suggest for that PC? Thanks for your help

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Just make sure the ISO you have isn't patched already... instead it's an install package for the AMD SSE2/3 emu... because the newer A64s support SSE2/3 and you don't need a patch or it won't run.


As far as SATA is concerned.... my friend couldn't get the drive to mount with the darwin loader as his HD was running in SATA. I haven't had to worry about that, as I installed on my laptop, which has an IDE interface.

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