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Kalyway & p5b Deluxe


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Hi everybody!


I get some troubles with Kalyway.


I have


ASUS p5b Deluxe

Intel Core2Duo E6600

2*1024 Samsung 800 Mhz

Ati x1950 pro

Sata HDD Seagate Baracuda 320 Gb

Sata DVD Pioneer

IDE DVD Optiarc (Jmicron)


I choose mbr partision in installer and had b0 error - try activate an partision, but this isn't work

Try GUID - and had "You need to restart your computer etc."


Please help me i mostly need an macOs :D


Please, give me a step-by-step manual to install KALYWAY build to my system and setup my BIOS.


Thank you.


PS Sorry for my language :) nice comunity!)

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You need to set the IDE bus to AHCI. You can format the drive as MBR or GUID from Disk Utility in the Kalyway installer. You also need to "enable" the "Execute Disable Bit" in the CPU section of BIOS. You should also check which version your BIOS is. The latest version does not appear to install iATKOS or Kalyway properly. I had to revert to version 1011 to get my system installed and running properly (other versions may work... I downgraded straight to 1011).

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