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Looking for Apple in-store promo video


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I know what I'm thinking of is about to be wiped out by MacWorld, but it looked cool and I want it (I have SaveHollywood screensaver and Backlight.app).


I saw in some store, playing on an iMac, a video that seemed to go through all of the Mac models for sale. The particular model type would spin around on a white background, end up slowly turning or something with the name of the product, and then the next product would come and do a similar thing...


Anyway, based on such a poor description of this... anyone know where I could download such a thing? I would hope it wouldn't be illegal... more like free advertising (seeing as the entire thing is just an ad for the entire Mac lineup).


Anyone know where I could get a copy of it? Or where I should look?


Thanks in Advance.

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