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can i use my pinnacle pctv PCI on macosx?


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i think u gotta install them BT8xx.kext urself

make sure to chown and chmod good!


and if ur on AMD u might need MARVIN's AMD Utility...


i want to test my hercules smart tv, but i need a display. Because of nvcap settings, i can't have QE/CI AND TV Out.

i don't move my other display there so can't try now. Maybe this week.


i confirm FRONT ROW running on my AMD64 3500+ SSE3 at 2.6Ghz

mobo : MSI RD480 Neo 2

RAM : 1.5GB

EFI : Yes

VGA : MSI NX8400GS 256Mb

USB Audio : Trust USB 5.1 working

Onboard audio : not working with Leo. 0x10ec0880 but not working (Taruga,Azalia,...)


Install : Zeph's 10.5.2 AMD

(a hackintosh G5 lool)

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I got it working on my intel P4 running 10.5.6 voodoo 9.5.0

but no sound from PCTV card line out!!!


iTV 0.4 Intel, scan ok, image : ok

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