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OSX10.4.8 Jaz AMD install cant see ID Drive to install


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Popped in the OSX10.4.8 Jas AMD/INTEL with PPF1&PPF2 DVD. DVD player is set as ID Master and Seagate is ID Slave 1 in bios. On installation stage its not showing the seagate as a destination disc I can install to. Like I've said in Bios it showing up.

The Seagate is fresh out the box

I put in a Fedora 8 install DVD and it recognises the Drive - it asks if I want to delete all partitions etc. Gonna try the Windows install disc and see if it sees the disc.

as side note I was able to install to a G4 laptop I connected it by the firewire. actually wondering if i could use the laptop as an external firewire drive but it doesnt seem to show up. The reason I'm doing all this is cause the g4 graphics card flaked out on me - only 3 years old. Theres no way I'm lining apples pockets again.



my system spec

M2N32-SLI MB with AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core

Seagate barracuda IDE 8MB ST3160815A

Quadro 1500 fx graphics card

Liteon DVD multirecorder

2 gig ram

2 SATA Drives


So everybody any ideas so I can get rolling with the OSX? . thanks in advance.

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whats up i think i had da same problem as u i us mac most of my time but was just 2 stoned to work it out make sences tho when the installer it s doing its thing and asking u where u want to install it ya n nothing comes up u say hit the tool bar at the top and find disk utility and run it in there format ur drive and in mac format and after it will pick it up and install on it also i wold put back the hd as the primery and the dvd/cd the slave

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hi distone, thanks for the reply. as you said. i formatted the drive through the utilty. and something like 8 hrs!!! later its installed. and everything works!!.........

naaah of course not. its its almost there though i can taste it he he.


got through the hellos in differnet languages, and now hit with the screen



Before you begin

There is no keyboard connected to your computer. please connect your keyboard.




i protest verbally but the computers having none of it.

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