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I have sucessfully installed Leopard on my Dell 4550 here are the specs:


P4 3.06 ghz

1gig Ram

ATI x300 (9500 PRO)

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz audio card

Intel 10/100 VE

20" dell flat panel

1 HD


This is what I did. Installed JaS 10.4.8, (read directions on wiki)


then installed the ethernet card on the Tiger OS: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=7135

(thats the link, unzip it on another computer and place it on flash drive directions in are in the file)


From there on I had the full installation done. (graphics are a little bad well work on that later) Then put in a patched ToH 10.5 disk in press on it on the desk top, install. When it asks for a reboot press yess. On the dell logo F12 then CD-Rom Drive, then F8, then -v. At the installer follow directions (do not reformat drives) and press on the HD you had tiger on. Then from there continue, now just install X11, and System Files. Do not skip DISK TEST!!!! wait a while when it reloads you have Leopard with working internet. Now you have to go and change the resolution. Do this by going into /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and open "com.apple.Boot.plist" edit in Textedit. right before the last line add:


<key>Graphics Mode</key>



Replace the WidthxHeightxColourDepth with your settings.

So if my setup was 1280x1024 at 32bit colour, I would add: <string>1280x1024x32</string>


1) I could not save it into the system configuration folder so you need to save it as "com.apple.BOOT.plist" on your desktop. DO NOT FORGET THE .plist ENDING! When saving you will have the option to save it as .plist or another format, choose .plist! then drag and drop it into the systemconfiguation folder, over write, and done!


Restart. Now your graphics card should have better resolution. THE END.


If you would like me to write a more comprhensive guide and walkthough please comment. :hysterical:

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Thats pretty darn good man. Check my specs down there |




Do you think iATKOS will work? Many people especially on the wiki have got it to work so I may as well give it a try, right? ToH's releases have been very unstable and sound rarely works. I installed a PCI card with SoundBlaster Live on it; I've found the drivers and I wonder if it will work. Only time will tell...

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