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Building a hackintosh for newbies

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Well based on my expirence well i admit b4 i dont even bother to look at the HCL(Hardware Compatibility List) anyway dont do that mistake lol good thing i was building a new windows based pc so the other parts i wasted has been put in to use.


Ok lets start the main thing on the hackintosh if u r a newbie that the hardware dose not need expert like patchs like running the terminal and sudo'ing ur self to death lol


1.Basic Parts/Components


1.1 Motherboard - you motherboard should be at its best compatibility and the most used of hackintosh users like Intel 945G (im using right now is Intel 945GCCR) works best as far as i compared with a VIA Based Chipsets


1.2 Processor - ok lets say it "who doesnt want speed, right?" well on this section you have plenty of options(1.intel P4 Presoctt 3.2Ghz(Cheaper ones like what i use) 2.Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700(A Bit Expensive but worthit) 3.Intel Core 2 Duo E6850(Smoothly running and not that expensive)


1.3 Graphics Card - The Main thing if u dont have a supported card well throw it away and use the builtin on Intel 945 Motherboard coz if ur card is like "dude its running ok but wtf even my grandma dont want this size of icons and sh*ts) not only the resolution but well to let u know quartz extreme and Core Graphics are very very very important :( so get a card that is (less computer knowage need patchs or get a working out of the box card) i recommend somthing like GeForce 8800 GTS or GeForce 7600GT)


1.4 Ram - Well if ur like a me a photoshop freak then get 2GB ram it wont hurt :)


1.5 HDD - Well if u think ur gonna be using hackintosh for a while and spend some space on it get atleast 300GB(SATA or IDE) but on intel 945 u can only put 1 IDE hdd coz its sata based so get a SATA based hdd insted and if u want to backup ur hackintosh incase somthing happend on ur hdd get another hdd and use it for TimeMachine(Leopard Backup Utility)


1.6 LOL Optional if u want to make it look at least like a real mac and u have an iphone look inside the iphones box u will find 2 apple stickers there stick it on the front panel of ur rig :D lol or get an apple sticker lol apple stickers are cheap compared to the systems they sell :))


This applies to 10.5.1 just a small info for newbies like me


and by the way even if ur not building a hackintosh its better to get and high wattage Powersupply :)


For Newb By Newb(FNBN)

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