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Leopard on a Clevo M570RU?


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I'm getting a new laptop soon, and I've decided not to get a Dell this time. I am however trying to keep OS X-friendliness in the equation.


I'm eyeing the awesome Clevo M570RU. This is the OEM for a few different laptop maker's higher end offerings.




I'm trying to figure out where OS X might throw me a curveball with this thing...


1- 8800M mobile video card. I fully expect this to be a problem.

2- PM965/ICH8R chipset - not sure on this one, USB functionality is fairly important

3- Penryn - I am going for the 2.5Ghz Penryn. Think OS X will care?

4- Azalia sound - not sure on this one either, OS X has Azalia support but I hear it's extremely finicky

5- No idea what wired network chip it uses. 4965 wireless might be a no-go but this doesn't bother me, I don't use wireless

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Have the same lappy. I installed 10.5.2 Kallyway. No wifi, no Lan, no audio, no camera. Coudn't install NVinstaller.

After my first reboot DVD was the only option in the Darwin bootloader, tried a lot of things but I couldn't access to leopard again.

It messed up my partition table so I had to format and partition pretty much everything again.

I'm a noob in osx but definitively not in computers. We'll have to wait for new updates and a good tutorial!


Good luck

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