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Graphics card white imac question

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Sorry if this is redundant, but it feels like my last post was put in one of the largest subjects in this forum and got lost.


I have an 2.16 white 24" imac with 7300 gt. If I purchase a 7600gt 24" white imac card from an apple techinician/authorized repair center because my computer requires repair, would it be a drop in replacement or must the ROM be revised from 3021 to 3022? Is it plug and play? Thanks in advance.

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Disassemble of 24" iMac

This might help you. What i see is that GPU is on the motherboard itself.

Also check iFixit for the tons of info on disassembling any Apple products.

There you will probably find your answer.

And have a look here

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I have already read that entire topic. It took while. But never is it discussed if an Apple Graphics card offered as an option for the machine when manuf. can be used in place of the existing configured card.


The socket is an MXM Type 2 and I am aware of the slew of incompatibilities with third party cards. Using NVinject, etc....


I can remove the card, but the question is whether the 7600gt from Apple will be a drop in replacement. Thanks for your reply. I will check the second link you posted.

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I use a 20" iMac at my church office (and another PC) and just purchased a 24" iMac for my photography business. The unit I purchased (not from Apple) was configured with the 7300 GT, 128MB graphics card. Lots of rumors out ther (many of which I've explored, looking for more than speculation) about whether one can upgrade to the 7600 GT, 256MB card. Of course, you can configure a new purchase from Apple with this upgrade, but can it be done to existing 24" iMacs once they ship...or if you purchase one with the 7300 card refurbished, used, or new from another party.


The answer is "YES". This comes first hand from Apple technical support department (which I spoke with today). Here is what they told me:


1. This upgrade can be done after purchase

2. It will not be performed by any Apple store (they just won't do it). As to why, your guess is probably accurate.

3. It can be performed by an authorized Apple reseller/service center. They can (whether they will may be another issue) order this part (the 7600 GT card) and install it for you. The Apple Technical Support representative assured me that there is a part number that is availalbe to them if they chose to order it and perform this upgrade.

4. What do you do if your local authorized Apple reseller/service center refuses? Apple Tech Support gave me this advice: keep inquiring with other Apple resellers until you find one that will let you give them your business. According to Apple, they are out there.


So, there you have a little "Apple Insider" news. Gentlemen (and Ladies), start your engines!



Look Here

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