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iTunes import/encoding... not so good


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Been experimenting a bit lately to try to isolate a problem I've encountered after installing Leopard.


I am wondering if anybody else has seen this problem, or could take the time to try and recreate it. Trying to import/encode MP3s using iTunes from audio cd's eventually crashes the whole CD/DVD-driver and the drive is forever lost until the next reboot. No errors. Just gone. Can happend just after you start the import, or after 10 cd's. Usually it happends rather quickly though.


On my desktop Hackintosh I've used BrazilMac, MBR partitioning and no PC_EFI. It's been upgraded to 10.5.1 and the latest Security Update. iLife 08 installed, and all software updates in general are in place.


On my laptop Hackintosh I've installed using the Kalyway installer DVD, GUID partitioning and PC_EFI that came with that disc. Same thing here, all updates of OS and software performed. Same iLife 08 installed as well. This is an HP dv1410ea machine.


The same problem can be recreated on both machines, and I did do a lot of importing of audio CDs on the same hardware using Tiger 10.4.8 for a long time.


I do not think it is hardware related either. I've tried using the CD or DVD-drive internally and externally (using USB interface). As master and slave on the IDE bus as well. The laptops internal drive I haven't done much with though :)


I installed Audion 3 and it has had no problems importing CDs. Which is why I think my hardware is a-ok. The CD-drive is even brand new and never used before I started to encounter problems with my NEC ND-3520 DVD-writer.


No sensible data found in the logs either. The whole thing is very strange.


Is this working / not working for anybody else out there?

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A few more updates on this issue...


I am starting to think the problems lies with some drive drivers. I have been having a lot of trouble with my USB devices lately. Namely just drives that connect to USB.


First my Time Machine drive became corrupted, so I replace the drive in the enclosure just to discover TM would not work no more. It would start and then fail and the drive would disappaer after a minute.


So I moved the TM drive to an internal SATA connector to solve that problem.


Then my 4GB USB stick stoped working. It would not mount, but System Profiler showed it detected it. So I tried all the other external ports. Finally one front port worked since it had never had any USB device connected. Then THAT port also stoped working after I plugged in a USB hub. My camera would not mount up anymore either.


So it seemed any port that had at least once been used by either the hub or one of these drives gets "corrupted" and stops working.


This seems to be a Apple problem as well as I discovered many similar problems over at their discussion board. And all related to Leopard installs or updates. No one seems to have pin pointed the problem yet.


I am guessing it has something to do with one or more kexts that controls the Volumes somehow.


One work-around that has worked for me is to power down the machine, connect the USB devices I want to use and the power on and boot.


This again I think is why iTunes stops working and the audio CD just disappears from the desktop when importing to MP3s.


And my old NEC 3520 DVD-writer is probably not broken, just "banned" from my system somehow. It did work on another PC-system. Anyways I did buy a new NEC/SONY AD-7200S SATA DVD-writer which seems to work fine, except it will not read my NEC 3520 burned DVDs :s

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