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Dell 1390

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I have been paciently waiting for over a year now for the intel 3945 driver.

It still seems no where in sight.

I caved in and bought a different PCIe card.

I have an acer 5680.

I installed a dell 1390.

This card is not picked up by windows and when I try to install the drivers it says that the software will not work with my system.

I insalled iAtkos and the airport will not turn on.


My questions is, is this a faulty card, or do I need to change the bios or something?

I have noticed that the switch to turn the network card on and off does not light up the way the original intel one did. The switch does nothing with the dell card.

Please could someone shed some light on this topic.

Will I ever have a working wireless card?


I am hoping that it is just a faulty card and that I can just but a new one,

but if not, can anyone suggest a different card that will work with an acer 5680?


Thank you very much :D

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