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Help gforce panic at startup


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Im new to osx86 scene, ive installed leopard amd succesfully on my system but if I want to boot Leopard I get a Panic!


It says something about the applegforce kext and iaofamily other ones and then it tells me, which kernel I have Kernel 9.1.0 ToH November blablabla and then it stucks!


My system:


AMD Athlon x2 6000+

2048mb ram

Geforce 8600GTS


I think I need to remove the Apple geforce kexts but how do I do that? Or how do I add the correct driver for my videocard? I think it are two options which are possible, but I dont know how to do it!



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Not quite the same set up. I have a 8600GTS 256MB, MOBO DP35EC Intel CPU E4400. I was using Generic Nvidia. I removed ninject.kext but did not reboot. I used EFI Studio and installed Nvidia 8600 GTS256MB and reboot. I did not have QE before with ninject version 0.20 but now have the correct driver QE and CORE Image hardware and the translucent menu bar, rotation of screen.


I was still mucking around with no sound finally did some different things to get the sound to work but ended up removing the kext but may have missed one. Not sure if it causing a panic at start up or restart but if I start with a -v (verbose) no panic, go figure.


I used iATKOS with chameleon seems to work. My other MAC is a G5.



Lou Cioccio

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