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Installation without DVD drive?

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After installing OSx86 using XxX'x DVD on my computer, the installation somehow seemed to cause my DVD drive to act abnormally. The DVD drive ejects straight away during the bios booting process, which has never happened before and has only started happening since the OSx86 installation.

(Could it have something to do with the EFI that I choosed in the installation package?)


After hours of updating the dvd drive firmware and drivers I have decided to get a new dvd drive.


However, in the mean time, before I am able to get one I want to install OSx86 again to solve other issues.


Is there a way to install OSx86 without a DVD drive? (I've searched google and it seems there are ways to mount the OS X image on an ipod or partition through the disk utility in OS X.) SInce I don't have OS X installed (due to a new reformat) is there an application for Windows that lets me mount an ISO image onto a partition or ipod so I can boot into the USB/iPod (Although I'm not quite sure if this would work with the iPod touch since it does not have disk mode and uses a HFS filesystem which I do not know whether the bios will recognise when choosing to boot from the iPod/USB.




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