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Disk Utility stops responding!


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The problem i have is when i use Disk Utility. I have 3 versions of Mac OS X : 10.4.8(JaS) / 10.5 (ToH) / 10.5.1( Kalyway)


I have a 400 gb sata II western digital hdd partitioned in 2.

1st partition (the boot partition) has 30 GB

2nd partition the rest of the space.


I changed the File System of the 1st partition from NTFS to EXT3, EXT2, FAT32 to try to make it work.


Here is my problem: When the installation starts and i go to Disk Utility to erase the 1st partition and convert it to HFS+

it prepares for erasing the partition and after a while it gets stuck and i can`t do anything. I have to

reset the pc



This is my configuration

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