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Can i update with "Software Update"?


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I see Apple Update coming up saying i need to update

Is it safe to update or would it ruin my system, i really want latest iTunes and i will install other things to

It contains these updates:



Also can somebody explain me how to use the apple button as Ctrl

So i can use Ctrl + C and such

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(1) Do you have a stock kernel?

(2) For the apple buttons: normally, they are in the same place as the apple keys, so:


control would be Ctrl, and Command would be Alt, and options would be Windows key. But you can change that in System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier keys, so that you can use Ctrl + C etc. just like in windows.

EDIT: Wait, I think standard Option is Ctrl and Command is Alt

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Ok thanks for they keyboard explaination

I'd also like to know if i can use a real USB Apple Keyboard

Because that thing rocks!


Oh and the update didn't turn out so well it boots and i see update worked(Mp3 shows album art with aqau effect as icon)

But after 1min Dock closes and mac gets stuck

Even with -X

So i guess i have to reinstall(I have TOH modified for AMD by the way)

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Ofcourse you can use an USB Apple Keyboard, either the wired or the wireless one.


Why wouldn't it work? :P They even added Windows support...


I am using it, and I couldn't think of not using an Apple Keyboard for my Hackintosh.


I wouldn't be able to use all the nice keyboard shortcuts easily, without having an Apple Keyboard. ;)


Think of all those keys such as iTunes Control Buttons, Dashboard Key, Exposé Key, Eject Key, Volume adjusting Keys etc.


Apple Keyboard and the Apple Mighty Mouse are perfect gadgets for your OSX86 System.


Best controlling devices I have ever bought.

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well if you have pc_efi the next time, you should be able to do it.



Will people *PLEASE* stop saying this...


pc-efi alone does *NOT* enable online updates, running unmodified kernel & kexts ("vanilla") does. pc-efi makes it possible to run the unmodified components on *some* intel-chipset core-architecture systems only.


A lot of people are installing pc-efi thinking it enables online updates by magic. This causes more problems than it solves.


Also, this isn't relevant to this particular update at all, as it doesn't install a kernel.

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But is there a way to install these updates?


If all you want is iTunes, then uncheck the rest. The application updates shouldn't be touching anything that would crash your system - it could be the security update doing something funky.

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