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Problem booting leopard without dvd.


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I had windows vista installed on my hp dv6000 laptop, which i hardly ever use, so i though of putting it to good use... Just shrinked the vista partition booted kalyway dvd and installed leopard. Fine, no problems at all. Rebooted, and just got a black screen with a blinking "_" . No bootloader to choose vista or mac. The only way to make it appear is to insert the leopard dvd and wait the 10 seconds... then it boots leopard, but still no choice for vista.


Can someone help me? I need at least to be able to boot leopard without the dvd, it's a bit anoying. And if possible a way to include it on darwin or, boot vista and use its booloader :) .


Thanks for your help.


PS: just read something... i installed with the guid option, dunno if thats of any help, sorry for my newbieness :D .

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