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"updating boot caches" messes up my system, Help, please.


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Hi everyone. I need help with this.

I have installed using Kalyway. It worked fine after a few tweaks and attempts, the system boots OK, I can create a user and what not, everything (excluding video drivers and sound, I haven't got there yet), seems to be OK.

Problem is, after the first reboot, the computer says (not everytime): "updating boot caches, system will reboot once finished" or something along that line.

As I reboot, there is my error "you must restart your computer". It is a problem with ACPI {censored}, which is what has given me grief from the get go.

I have changed some kexts (ACPIs) with the Jas ones, as it is suggested in this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=78235 and the procedure seems to work, but as soon as I go restart, something "updates" or changes the caches and there I am with the same boot problem again. If I remove the system/library/extensions/caches folder and the system/library/caches folder and the system/library/extensions.mkext and go for a reboot, everything is good again.

Can anybody please help me with this? I am really puzzled and hopelessly stuck... Please, give me a hand.


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