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Leopard on VMWare

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Actually I have managed to install and get iATKOS 1.0i R2 running in VMware. I will post instructions on the Uphuck forums later today.


I'm seriously waiting for your instrauction. I'm Using a patched TOHLEOX86 DVD and i wanna install it in a VMWare. Please send it as soon as possible ;)

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Sorry been ill so haven't had time to write it up. Will try and do it today or tomorrow depending on workload.


hope you are doing better!


and we would be grateful if you could give us some details on your vmware installation! ;-)

take care


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cool, thanks!


uphuck forums are accesable after registration only, may we post your really great instructions here?


just a few questions:

- will it support 2 cores?

- what kind of network cards does vmware simulate?

thanks again!

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