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installazione leopard su vmware AMD

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allora ho trovato questa procedura per installare leopard su vmware amd se qualcuno cortesemente me la può tradurre io l'inglese nn lo mastico....


I have successfully made Leopard work natively and in VMWare (workstation 6.0.2 x64 on ubuntu hardy 8.04 beta with kernel 2.6.24 and the vmware-any-any-115a patch).



- Started from leopard-flat-image (which is patched with brazilmac's patches I believe) on a spare harddrive

At this point the OSX startup screen would flash and the pc would reboot over and over


- Patched it with the AMD patches ("Shrinker" found on this board) by manually copying the files over from windows (running in VMWare, but that's irrelevant) using macdrive

At this point OSX would start somewhat, then crash (the powermanagement lockup)


- Removed the powermanagement kext using macdrive

At this point OSX would boot but get stuck because the decrypts weren't there yet


- Added the amd decrypts using macdrive the patching the cpuids by booting into single user mode (-s) and running the patcher. I had to remount the root drive read/write for this to work.

At this point OSX would boot successfully natively


- For better performance I added some kexts after this (SATA/PATA for SB600 found on this board, ...)


- To get it to run under VMWare, I built a new custom VM, set it to FreeBSD 64bit or so, added the spare haddrive as the VM's disk, configured it with ram etc.


Notice that I changed the VM type to "Darwin" in the VM's .vmx file for better performance. Also notice that I can safely use the paravirtualization features (set them to true in my host's BIOS, the gues BIOS and the VM's properties).


Networking in VMWare does *not* work, but the rest of the system does (well, no QE/CI of course).


I have not tried VMWare's virtual SMP yet, but as OSX runs natively on my dual core AMD64, I suspect it will work.


Now if I could only find a way to resize the hfs+ partition. The recommended method using ubuntu didn't work.


comunque la discussione originale è qua




qualcuno può tradurla in italiano e postarla qua?

grazie :)

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questa sezione non era fatta per chiedere aiuto.. ricordi?

be nn lo aggiunta io...qualcuno a inserito stà guida al posto mio, io volevo solo che mi fosse tradotta, si vede chi la inserita l'ha provata ma nn mi ha aiutato e poi la messa tra le guide :(

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