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I'm looking for a program to browse fonts. I tried the OSx native one, but it *installed* the fonts, which resulted in a big blowup (there's 12.000 fonts in a folder, some overwrote the OS fonts :) ). Already tried fontPilot, but it crashes (on the count I guess). Anything else?


Try FontAgent Pro..it keeps all your fonts arranged by name in separate folders,in your home folder.It can also manage system fonts and can activate fonts automatically.Not free!


Or FontExplorer X..did not tryed it yet but,for what i read it does the same and it's free. :)

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Perian is a new one for me, now I can use quicktime for everything without installing a ton of drivers!

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That's a pretty good list of apps and utilities... I seen something like ACDSee (photo viewer, etc.) for MAC that was pretty good. I'll find it and add it back to the thread in this post.

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Here's a few of the coolest low-key apps I've found for OSX. Mainly for digital audio users, but there are some other useful things listed here. If there's a more suitable thread for posting this audio-related stuff, let me know!




Freeverse Sound Studio 3


- if you ever used the Sound Forge audio editor on Windows, this is the closest thing I've found on Mac.


Audio Ease Snapper


- lets you play QT-compliant audio files from Finder with a waveform display, and lets you select portions and drag to a new file. Even plays audio from movie files!


some components to play FLAC files in QT (and Snapper!) (free)





- excellent utility for browsing samples, with integrated editing and more


XLD Lossless audio converter (free)


- converts FLAC files to Apple lossless format so you can play them in iTunes


MIDIpipe (free)


Free utility to remap MIDI messages of various types




Onyx (free)


- lets you tweak extra stuff in Finder, the Dock etc. Nothing you can't do in terminal but this saves a lot of research and typing time by presenting everything in a nice preference-style interface.




- the only app that lets me restore my hackintosh backup disk image properly!


Handbrake (free)


- really easy-to-use and efficient DVD ripping/video conversion app


Defaults Manager (free)


- useful tool to view and edit .plist (preferences) files

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ZOC seems to be available for the Mac now if you want something

more feature rich than Terminal (I've always wondered why there

were almost no good terminal apps for the Mac).

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I can highly recommend Path Finder, a replacement for the Finder.

A 30 days trail is available at http://www.cocoatech.com/


I've been looking a long time for a Finder replacement and now I found. Path Finder reminds me to KDE's Konqueror in his almightiness as a GUI app :


-Dual Pane / Tabs

-98% perfect integration in OS X

-show hidden files

-build in Terminal

-change permissions

-Path Finder Desktop

-and a lot more very cool features

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Here is a comparison on that sight of some of the best free browsers on the internet:



The premier web browser across the internet, Firefox offers unmatched expandability through customizable themes, extensions and add-ons. Firefox typically uses less memory than competing browsers and is extremely fast with good security. Huge amounts of custom functionality can be added through free add-ons including form fillers, speed dialing… practically anything you can imagine.



An extremely well baked system which is based on the Safari engine and includes features like speed dialing and mouse gestures to get you where you want to go. It includes a note function (to record thoughts on the go) and has a clean minimalist design. The interface is well thought out and runs well even on older or slower systems.



Shira is a fantastic browser to use for a short time, but it should not be your main system. Shiira is a very pretty browser with features like full screen view (worthwhile to have just for this!), sensible graphic tabs and an expose function for tabs similar to Mac’s desktop expose. Built on the Safari engine, Shiira doesn’t score perfect marks due to unresolved bugs in bookmark organization. Reviews from both Macworld and Softpedia examine Shiira in more detail.



Internet users spend a lot of time going from one site to the next, keeping up with a variety of friends and interests. Flock, built on the Firefox engine, pulls all of your favorite people, places and content together in a convenient view and delivers a more personal and connected experience of the web. Flock includes features like embedded blog editing, photo-up-loader and a featured social networking sidebar and if you are constantly managing your social networking then Flock may be right for you! Here is one user’s review.



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remote calendar for your iphone: syncs your calendar(s) with your iphone wirelessly from whereever you are. I downloaded this app 3 weeks ago and I have to say that it is just great. It's way easier to hanlde than other applications of this kind and moreover it is cheaper. I can have several calendars based on calDAV in sync without having to sync them seperately. It's a quick all-in-one soultion. Check it out in the app store or look for further information at the developers homepage www.remote-calendar.com

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LittleSnapper- snap everything from areas of the desktop to full screen to full webpages and loads more like editing the snaps with professional looking text presentation.


And I will second Onyx earlier in the thread. ;)

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i have to say that two good apps are Bravo Tunes, cinch and Growl.

Bravotunes controls Itunes from the menu.

Cinch is a mac version of the windows 7 "Snap" idea

and Growl is an alert app that you configure to certain

apps and it will tell you whether you have got an email or someone

sent you a message through Ichat etc.

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CoRD Remote desktop. Downloads.


An universal RDP client for accessing those Windows machines. The official Microsoft one is as good as this one, but it's not universal. And we all know that rosetta sucks.


I just found CoRD last week and it is ever SO much better than RDP. I have to VPN from home quite a bit and this is faster and cleaner. The biggest advantage is running multiple sessions. I was able to have 12 different sessions running and it was very easy to switch between each one without getting lost. And yes I did say 12. We have so many systems I need to access for work. Not to mention the systems here at home.


I highly recommend this for anyone who has multiple systems. It just works.

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