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Optimization- ram timings, fsb, multiplier

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So I have been overclocking lately, and am curious about a few trade offs:


If I can get 3.3GHz (at stock voltage) with either 413*8 or 471*7, which is faster? Does having a higher fsb help significantly?


To balance against the 7x multiplier, there is the memory. At stock voltage, I can run at 413*2 with 443-10 timings. However, if I run at 471*2, I have to go to 555-15. This lowers the memory score alot, even at the faster ram speed.


What is optimum?


Also, I think something in the advanced timings is hurting my score. Consider this:


at 826MHz (effective), and at 850MHz (effective), the ram timings are at 443-10. THe advanced timings are all fixed at SPD, except for the last one (tRD Phase Change). When I am at 826 MHz, I have an XBench score of 269. However, at 850MHz, I have a score of 235. Is my mobo killing that spec to make it boot?


I can fix it anywhere from 1 to 31. SPD is sometimes 7, sometimes 29. What is this?

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