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iATKOS 1.0i


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Hi everyone


My system is as follows:


CPU: C2D E6550 G0 2.33GHz @ 3.0GHz

MB: GigaByte GA-P35C-DS3R, FSB=1.333GHz @ 1.7GHz

RAM: 2x1GB Kingston 800MHz @ 850MHz (1:1 ratio)

Display: GigaByte 8400GS PCI-E

HD: 2x160, 1x80, 1x400 - all SATA


The DVD boots and I can install the system, but when I reboot, the system doesn't load.

There is no message displayed - I only get the "Boot from CD/DVD" message waiting.


In "Customize" I choose:

iATKOS v1.0i Mail System

Additional Packages \ EFI Emulation \ Stock Kernel

Additional Packages \ Remove CPUPowerManagement Driver

Additional Packages \ Remove Thermal Kexts


In the instructions in the DVD (where the license agreement should be, before getting to the destination selection in the installer), this is what it says:

1. Run Disk Utility... be sure to select MBR...

2. Run Darwin Boot and follow the instructions to install Darwin Boot to your target partition. In this section you will decide to use EFI emulation or not.

3. Select destination.

4. Click "Customize"...

5. Click "Install"

It's the second instruction I don't understand. It seems like I need to install something seperatly before I continue to install the system. But what is it ? ? ? :D



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Where is this Customize button in iATKOS...

You'll find it in the window that has the "Install" button. It's the leftmost button.


Thanks for your post.

However, I don't understand what to do here:

Terminal commands...

FDISK -e -u /dev/disk0


F 1

I went to Terminal and typed FDISK -e -u /dev/disk2.

The disk on which I'm trying to install the system is identified as Disk 2, so I hope I got it right.


Then it says: ATTENTION - UPDATING MASTER BOOT RECORD. Do you wish to write new MBR? [n].

I typed "y", but what do I do now? Your instructions are very unclear.

I tried typing "WRITE" and "F 1" but it doesn't accept any of these as commands.


Thank you.

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