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got it working, but...


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I got os x 10.5 booting on my gigabyte GA-P965-DS3 after a couple of failed attempts.


I'm not sure what's wrong with the onboard nic (marvell gigabyte), it was recognized by the os, and I was able to get online (but not do too much). I guess I'll have to find a driver for it? I've also got a dlink card installed, but that failed to configure properly.


I've got no sound either ;) I can live without that for a while.


I'm already using Grub as a boot manger :) Just wondering how I can identify the mac HD/partition so I can add an entry into Grub ?


Any suggestions?



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Perform the following steps in your Linux distro:

pico /etc/boot/grub/menu.lst


now add an entry like this:

# OSX86

title OSX86

root (hd0,2)

chainloader +1


Where "(hd0,2)" corresponds to your OS X partition (disk 1, second primary partition).


Note that these steps show you how to setup a chain loader. Grub does not support the OSX filesystem but the OSX bootloader does. What this setup does is configure grub to load the OSX bootloader from the second primary partition on the first hard disk.

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I booted up the Kalyway DVD again, and found my hard disk intact with Leo still installed on it. I verified the drive too.


I might have to fix the boot flag again?


I was wondering, I've got 4 hd installed in my pc, can i use my bios (f12) boot manger to boot to the drive Leo is installed on? Will that create any problems?

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