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How to swap the DVD during installation?


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Hello there. I have Kalyway's ISO, so I burnt it to the DVD and tried to install it. The problem is, that my DVD-ROM is pretty retarded at reading disks, so it ends up with "Cant read the files from disk" error after choosing the configuration of installation and the partition to install to.


So I burnt another DVD with exactly the same ISO. And it doesnt boot to installation (waiting for boot device) at all! And 3 next disks i burnt have exactly the same problem - the working one is the first.


So I come up with a thought of booting to installation with #1 disk, ejecting it and swapping with the new one. But my dvd-rom tray doesnt open at all. Disk Utility cant eject it aswell, because of "Are you sure you closed all apps that use this disk" error.


I tried to open it physically, but dvd-rom wont start after this torture (freezing whole installation). 


And why the hell the same iso boot or not boot to installation at all? I just cant believe this happens to me. I've {censored}ed up 6 DVDs already.

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