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Question(s) about EFI on the Intel Macs

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If you have one of these new macs, or know about EFI, can you tell us if they still have a bios and EFI or is that replacing the bios and the bios gone completely?

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Nevermind, I found the answer when i was searching for linux distro that has grub2 already on it,




"Trying to translate the above into plain English, the main problem with MacBook Pro is that it no longer uses BIOS (Basic Input/Output System); instead, it ships with the new EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface), developed by Intel, to perform all the early communication between different hardware parts. Although EFI does have BIOS emulation support, Apple has reportedly decided to remove it from their MacBooks.


The second issue is GPT (which stands for GUID Partition Table, with GUID being an acronym for Globally Unique Identifier), which is effectively a replacement for the MBR (Master Boot Record) in EFI-based systems. Among the popular boot loaders, neither LILO, nor GRUB 0.9x support GPT, although the new GRUB 2 (currently in alpha development) does include support for the new standard. Unfortunately, not a single Linux distribution has been bold enough to switch to GRUB 2, but it is possible that more effort will go into this area in the coming months, especially if EFI-based motherboards become widespread."





there isn't one yet.

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    • the slowness is most likely IM's host provider. we used to use ONE.com but they sucked and it was super slow so we switched and things definitely got better on the slowness front
    • Remove the THB_C cable and try this: SSDT-TB3 Z270.aml Remember though, the method without THB_C works only if a device is connected and turned on before boot, otherwise the PCI-TB card is not loaded by the system (and you do not see it on ioreg). In my case it works because my TB Dock is always on. To succeed try these steps:
      1- enable Fix Shutdown in Clover
      2- turn off the computer
      3- Connect the TB device and switch it on
      4- wait few seconds and turn on the computer Obviously if you do not have a dock like me you have two choices:
      - Use the SSDT V1 or V2 and deactivate the sleep if you are having problems
      - Wait for new developments     @Loloflat6 Apart this bad luck, you're still lucky, the TBEX is the only TB card (at least until now) that is recognized naturally by the system even without a THB_C cable o device connected at boot     
    • Vedi qui è disponibile un ATI 6370M Kext.zip magari risolvi  
    • @ivik Which OSX version do you use on the HP Compaq 8710w?
    • @MacPeet Sound is greyed, no devices is syspref. There are some assertions in console, not sure if they were before. Sysinfo now doesn't have line line-in which is OK, it is maybe connected to dock.  alcdbg.tiff ioreg.tiff sndAssert.tiff sysinfo.tiff