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Happy new Year! Machine is almost done.


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My machine:


Kalyway 10.5.1

Custom Built

ASRock Conroe1333 DVI/H



Install Selected MBR and MBR settings.


NET is fine.

Video is fine.


Problem #1: NO SOUND


Problem #2: Can only boot up in safe mode: -x cpus=1



Can someone tell me about the BOOT fix and where to get it and how to install it. I am a noobie (well, almost =1 month).


I had sound before, but when i re-install, I lost sound and gained Video. I would like to fix this problem without installing Leopard. Assume I know absolutely nothing when you explain this to me. If you abreviate, I won't know what you mean.


You can get me at: yhmmc@yahoo.com


Thanks and have a wonderful Year!!! Great 2008!

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