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iATKOS perfect install. (for me atleast)


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Finally, after failed attempts at flat install, Brazilmac, onetrack's methods managed to install leopard.


And just wanted to share (brag) about my almost perfect leopard install, on this rig: :(



Q6600 @3GHz

4GB 1066 Crucial Ballistix

80+500GB HDD


Sony SATA Optical Drive


used iATKOS 1.0i, installed EFI patch and then leopard using stock kernel, updated online smoothly and everything except 'audio in' is working nicely.

Also my realtek onboard wifi is shown as a USB device.


Regarding the 'AuDio in' any help will be greatly appreciated, i tried applehdapatcher and when dragging the linux dump on the icon in dock nothing happens, what am i doing wrong?


some benchmarking results :




page at the xbench website

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From memory you don't open HDA Patcher then drag txt.

You drag patcher file onto the closed program icon, it then does the patching once it has opened, or something like that....


Although I am getting very old now, memory is failing me often.

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'Audio in' 'line in' 'digital in' 'digital out' all working now, thanks to Taruga's HDA patcher.

I am sure it is somewhere in your thread Taruga but you might want to add the procedure to your first post, for noobs like me.

For like a week i just tried to drag the dump after running patcher, only after Minnie suggested i did i the right way. That also didn't quite help, it was only when i removed other audio kexts and applied the patch, it worked.


And it works really good, there is noticeable improvement in sound quality and volume as well.


Thanks again Taruga.

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Hi Harshwardhan, I'm glad to hear it's working.

Which kexts did you remove and why?


I removed Appaleazalia, Appleac97 and applehdaudio and then patched again. Someone in another forum suggested that i remove any earlier audio kexts before applying Taruga's, and it worked.

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You have 247.91 XBench Scores, but you don't know how to properly make a nice OS X Screenshot :D:)


Command-Shift-3 Take a picture of the screen

Command-Shift-4 Take a picture of the selection

Command-Shift-4, then Spacebar Take a picture of the selected window

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