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Tiger and GUID pc_efi


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Using the above methods, I was able to get Tiger running with both the pathched kernel and the vanilla kernal on a GUID formated partition! I actually used the clonetool Hatchery method of Flibblesan above plus the installation of pc_efi and changing out the kernel once booted into the OS (10.4.10 upHuck install) using the 10.4.10 plain vanilla kernel to then boot into Tiger. I am still not sure about stability of the vanilla kernel yet as I have not used it extensively. However, I can report a modest speed boast reported by both Geekbench (4038 to 4049) and Xbench (237 to 249) in my system.


It would be nice to be able to clone the system from disk to disk without having to manually load pc_efi. Is this possible?

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