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Cheapest dual display solution


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I have an asrock 945G-DVI based hackintosh. This board has a built-in VGA port and an optional DVI card. I thought i could run Leopard with my two LCD monitors in extended mode but they are both VGA ! I wanted to buy a DVI to VGA adapter but since it's a DVI-D (no analog signal) there is no other solution for me other than buy a DVI monitor or another graphics card (the second option being better since i want more power for my box).


Here is my question :


Is there a PCI express graphics card I could use in extended desktop mode with two analog outs ? (One VGA and one DVI->VGA)

I've read that 7300 GS and 7600 GS both work with dual monitors but with one VGA and one DVI but i'm not sure about VGA and DVI->VGA.


Thanks in advance !

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