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Microsoft Access: creating a MS SQL


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Alright you can read below for the original post, but I've since found answers to the questions.


It seems the database is bigger than I thought, mainly because it consists of three separate database files, and one customer needs information from all of them, and all different lines in them too...


long story short, I need to be able to manipulate the databases and link various fields together, etc.

The best solution I have found is simply to use Microsoft Access. However, I cannot seem to get a mySQL server going on the server. We're with Network Solutions. I added an account for MS SQL but Access is unable to find it. Now what? I thought that by creating a link in Frontpage, I would be able to simple work with the connection it created, but apparently not...


How do I link Access, Frontpage, and get a MS SQL server going?


As a second avenue, would it be possible to use Filemaker to set my databases up the way I want and have it export it as working html for clients?




Original Post:



I need to create a simple login for a web-site based on dbx files from Visual FoxPro.

The concept is very simple: The database files contain different values for various clients. Say client number 1:

field 1 is username, 2 is password, 3 is the first order they have places, 4 is the second, and so on. Obviously, there could be tens of fields worth of information for a given login, but you get the picture.


I'm not sure how to go about this. I don't know Javascript or HTML very well. I know our last system that did this used Microsoft OLE DB Providers and ODBC Drivers, and I was wondering if anyone knew of an easy (maybe WYSYWYG) way of doing this. Basically, a way of manipulating a database and spitting out html with login.

Would MySQL work here? And is there an easy-to-use web-site maker with that?


Anyone? I'm desperate...



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